The History of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland (part three)

The picture at the top of this page is the date stone from First Presbyterian Church (Non-Subscribing), Dunmurry. Situated at the back of the meeting house it dates to 1714 when a new church was built under the ministry of the Rev John Malcome. In fact that church was replaced with the current meeting house in 1779 but the old date stone was preserved in the new building.

Long associated with non-subscription because of the Rev Henry Montgomery, in fact, Dunmurry was in the opposite camp one hundred years before Henry Montgomery’s time. The Rev John Malcome went into print against the Non-Subscribers and it was he who coined the term ‘New Light’ to describe them.

The History of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church. Part Three

Click on the above video to see part three which is incorporated in the whole service from Ballee

In this episode we look at the separation of the Presbytery of Antrim from the Synod of Ulster.

The first three videos in this series have also been re-formatted into four parts with a musical introduction and some additional footage. If you would like to watch the videos solely as illustrated historical talks they all can be seen via the following link:

Non-Subscribing Presbyterian History

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