Irish Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Churches

Harvest Thanksgiving Services

3. Ballee

Ballee Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church
October 2019

Images of Irish Non-Subscribing Churches: 3. Ballee

Ballee ext 2016 (2)

The view of Ballee from across the graveyard

Ballee int Sept 2017

Church interior

The Ballee meeting-house was opened for worship in 1721, commemorated in a date stone on the long wall of the ‘T’. Smaller than Downpatrick the building is particularly notable for its impressive roof constructed from Memel pine imported from the distant Baltic Sea. The church interior was extensively renovated and a new organ, paid for by the Carnegie Trust, installed in 1912.

You can read more about the church and the Carnegie organ here:



Images of Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Churches

Starting on Friday, 1st September I am going to publish a new post here each day thoughout the month with a different picture of a Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church. I’ll post one or two pictures of every building which is currently in use or was built for use by the NSP community over the centuries. In some cases these buildings are well known – in which case I might try and use a picture that gives a less than obvious view – in other cases they are little known and some of the pictures I will use have never been published before.

I hope to keep this going for the whole of the month of September but plan to continue after that until I have published a picture of every church, whether still in existence or not. In the end this may not actually be possible for every single one, places such as Strabane or Limavady or Bandon haven’t left much of a visual representation of their meeting-houses.

Ideally I might post a view of the exterior and one, if not of the interior, then of something that sums up the history of the place. The image at the top of this page is a display at the Harvest service at Ballee using the eighteenth-century pewter communion plate.