NSP Church Datestones and Inscriptions 10 Ballymoney


Datestones and Inscriptions on the buildings of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland

Datestone Ballymoney stone door 01 detail

Ballymoney county Antrim (now council offices)

Images of Irish Non-Subscribing Churches: 10. Ballymoney

Ballymoney ext 2017 02

Ballymoney, long converted into council offices

Ballymoney stone door 01 detail

Inside the porch, the date stone of 1832 with two quotations

This is hardly recognisable today as what was originally a large Remonstrant Church. Opened in 1832 the building was sold after the Second World War and only the date stone, which can be seen inside the porch, remains to remind the viewer of the religious origins of the place. The congregation has met in rented premises for many decades.

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