Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Churches: Then and Now. 11 Banbridge

Banbridge June 1913

First Presbyterian (NS) Church, Banbridge, 1913

Banbridge 2017 cropped

First Presbyterian (NS) Church, Banbridge, 2017

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Images of Irish Non-Subscribing Churches: 29. Second Banbridge

Banbridge 2nd 01

The former Second Banbridge meeting-house

Banbridge 2nd 03

Note the lion on the roof

During the controversies amongst the Non-Subscribers in the mid-nineteenth century a major secession from the original Banbridge congregation resulted in the departure of a large group who built their own new church not far away at the entrance to the town in about 1850. It is not an exciting building but is nevertheless quite substantial and impressive. It is now a masonic hall and I would guess the lion on the roof dates from its more recent use.

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Images of Irish Non-Subscribing Churches: 16. Banbridge

Banbridge July 2017 ext 02

The First Presbyterian (Non-Subscribing) Church, Banbridge of 1844

Banbridge int

Banbridge interior

Of a broadly similar date to Clough or Killinchy, like them Banbridge has a classical frontage. However, unlike them the grandeur continues into the interior where a magnificent two-decker pulpit faces the congregation. It is a large church and the gallery covers three sides of the building. The overall effect is very impressive.