Irish Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Vaults, Mausolea and Tombs 6 Templepatrick

Templetown Mausoleum

Old Presbyterian Church, Templepatrick, county Antrim

Designed by Robert Adam in 1789

Images of Irish Non-Subscribing Churches: 35. Second Ballyclare

Second Ballyclare 2017 02

The former meeting-house of the second Ballyclare congregation

Second Ballyclare side 01

The view from the side

A secession in Ballyclare in 1864 under the auspices of the Northern Presbytery of Antrim was large enough for them to develop a fairly impressive church on the other side of town to the original Ballyclare meeting-house. Originally a school room it was extended by the congregation but remained in use for probably less than 30 years. Now used by a firm of undertakers its origins as a place of worship can still be detected.



Images of Irish Non-Subscribing Churches: 34. Cairncastle

Cairncastle LC

Old Presbyterian Church Cairncastle, opened 1989 (Photo: Lena Cockroft)

Cairncastle with Lena

Rev Lena Cockroft at Cairncastle not long after the opening

The congregation has roots that go back to the middle of the seventeenth century but this is also the newest Non-Subscribing Presbyterian church. Built during the ministry of the Rev Lena Cockroft it was opened on the site of the original in 1989. A simple but attractive building that incorporates features from the old church in its design.