Irish Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Vaults, Mausolea and Tombs 5 Downpatrick

Rowan Vault

First Presbyterian (Non-Subscribing) Church, Downpatrick, county Down

One of the two tombs in the Downpatrick graveyard said by Professor James Stevens Curl to be ‘derived from early mausolea in the Kedron Valley, Jerusalem’.

I have posted about the mausolea in Downpatrick on my other site here:

Downpatrick Mausolea

Images of Irish Non-Subscribing Churches: 1. Downpatrick

Downpatrick ext June 2016

A view of the building of 1711 taken from the side, showing the external staircase to the rear gallery

Dpk Harvest 18

Interior, decorated for harvest. High central pulpit, ‘Squire’s Gallery’ to the right

The meeting-house in Downpatrick is one of the best and most complete examples in Ireland of a T-shaped meeting-house. Opened in 1711 and built at the start of the ministry of the Rev Thomas Nevin it has been in constant use ever since. Built with three galleries on each arm of the ‘T’ a fourth gallery was added in about 1729 behind Thomas Nevin’s impressive high pulpit.

The history of the congregation:

Take a 360 degree tour of the interior: