Irish Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Churches

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6. Banbridge

First Presbyterian (Non-Subscribing) Church, Banbridge
October 2019

Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Churches: Then and Now. 11 Banbridge

Banbridge June 1913

First Presbyterian (NS) Church, Banbridge, 1913

Banbridge 2017 cropped

First Presbyterian (NS) Church, Banbridge, 2017

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Images of Irish Non-Subscribing Churches: 16. Banbridge

Banbridge July 2017 ext 02

The First Presbyterian (Non-Subscribing) Church, Banbridge of 1844

Banbridge int

Banbridge interior

Of a broadly similar date to Clough or Killinchy, like them Banbridge has a classical frontage. However, unlike them the grandeur continues into the interior where a magnificent two-decker pulpit faces the congregation. It is a large church and the gallery covers three sides of the building. The overall effect is very impressive.